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  • Shooting Stars : Ibitira by Xerjoff

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    The iris is dominant here, for me. Very linear. A hint of violet but, no other flowers do I smell. Linear. A hint of musk and cedar in the base. Smells like Prada's Iris Absolue....More

  • Fahrenheit 0 Degrés by Christian Dior

    by Bavard

    This smells like a spin off of Fahrenheit Summer to me. I think Fahrenheit Summer smells more like original Fahrenheit, and I prefer it, but this is also really nice. It is similarly light, and feels like it was made for summer. It uses some typical-...More

  • Black Gold by Ormonde Jayne

    by Sniffers

    wow...beautiful opening...I get sandalwood/oud/citrus bitter herbs all cavorting together in an awesome smelling the blending on this...smooth and far, I would love wearing this...smells very balanced/neutral/genderless to...More

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